bigstock--175527220Content Through Conversation (CTC) – What It Is…

Content Through Conversation is the phrase we use to describe our approach to content development. CTC is the interview-style process in which we capture and record the practice area experiences that reveal your expertise. Developed and mastered by lexperitus founder, Pete Sullivan, the CTC process embeds itself seamlessly into your busy schedule, delivering an efficient, polished narrative as the final product.


…and What It Is Not

We are not ghostwriters, presuming to supplant the depth and nuance of your rich practice experience.  The content we develop with you is unique to your firm and your expertise. It is through the CTC process that we are able to tell your story, in your words, as only you can. No third-party ghostwriter can lay such a claim.


what is you story question - text in vintage letterpress wood tyWhy Should My Firm Use the Content Through Conversation Process?

Efficiency. CTC was designed with the busy professional in mind. Reserve less than an hour for the interview to deliver cohesive, narrative content that informs and educates your clients, connecting with them at each stage of their purchase cycle.

Value. You understand the value of new, relevant content – e.g., biography and practice area pages, blogs, white papers, expert analysis – and its unique ability to demonstrate your expertise to address client problems.

Customization. The key to an effective content strategy is the ability to customize your message in a way that acknowledges the personal nature of the provider-client relationship. Buyers demand a more personal, customized approach from their providers. Delivering quality content that addresses their unique problems demonstrates not only your thought leadership, but your care and concern for the challenges they face.


You're the Expert Spread the Word business card stack for you to5 Key Indicators that Content Development Will Work for Your Firm

  • You use your website to portray your brand and promote your thought leadership.
  • Your target audience uses the Internet to conduct research or learn about topics with which you have expertise.
  • You’re looking for informative new ways to reach current and prospective clients.
  • You have time — and maybe a little bit of budget — to invest in creating quality content that educates and informs your audience.
  • You understand your clients well enough to create personalized, relevant content that will provide a more comprehensive customer experience.


great content writing word cloud on a digital tbalet with a cupDesign the Content Package That’s Right for You!

Your strategy may require a combination of the content development options available. Choose from the formats below that best reveal your practice area expertise.

Assemble the package that works best for your situation; we’ll ensure a flexible pricing package for all the content we develop with you.

  • Want to upgrade one or more staff biographies?
  • Any top-rated blog posts you need to revise and update?
  • What about new legislation or caselaw that invites review and analysis?

We will work with you to create the flexibility you’re looking for and pricing you desire. If you have a content format in mind that is not listed here, just contact us so that we can discuss an easy solution.


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