About lexperitus

At lexperitus, our objective is to elevate your firm’s visibility in a crowded and competitive marketplace. We achieve this objective by partnering with you to create fresh, relevant content that reveals your expertise and promotes your brand as a thought leader. Through your website, marketing collateral, and social media, you’re able to connect with current and prospective clients wherever they may be in their purchasing cycle.

Our uniquely efficient Content Through Conversation (CTC) process combines the power of technology and the ease of conversation to overcome the top content development and marketing challenges facing today’s busy firms:

  1. Lack the time to invest in content development.
  2. Incomplete understanding of the value-add that content brings.
  3. Integration of content development into your daily workflow.
  4. Struggle to track, measure, and monetize ROI.


Our History

Desk against rows of books in shelves at school library

Founder and president Pete Sullivan launched the lexperitus concept from a strong foundation that featured 30 years’ experience working with some of the most influential voices in American jurisprudence and business.

His career includes editorial and project management roles with Thomson Reuters, West Publishing, and Lawyers Cooperative Publishing; content development with Aspatore Books; and as an industry blogger for Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute.

Pete developed his familiarity with the law by partnering with leading practitioners, judges, and academicians throughout his productive career. Together, they devised and published some of the country’s top treatises, white papers, and practice-oriented handbooks covering the most significant developments in Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense, and Family Law (among others).


Audiences draw tremendous value from the author-experts’ knowledge and skill. Pete grasped this concept and applied the underlying commercial value of using the authors’ writings to demonstrate their expertise and promote their brand. And with that, lexperitus was born!

Social Influencer Concept. Media Content To Grab Like From SociaWhen Pete incorporated the Content Through Conversation (CTC) process he developed and mastered at Thomson Reuters, the final piece of the puzzle was in place.  The CTC process relieves you from the time-consuming burden of writing. That said, lexperitus uses no third-party ghostwriters. All content is developed by you, the client practitioner, through conversation facilitated by Pete and his lexperitus team.

What this means for the busy professional is this:

  • No more writing from scratch or staring at a blank screen.
  • More of your time spent serving clients, doing what you do best and what you were trained to do.
  • Content marketing is always “on,” available 24 x 7 x 365, ready to support your firm.



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